We Buy Books

Book Buying Policy 


If you are bringing in books to sell, PLEASE bring them in bags or boxes.

We accept hardcovers (must have dust jacket if issued with), trade paperbacks (the larger size, no mass market). We do not buy book club editions, textbooks, Readers Digest editions, ex-library editions, technical books, or computer books.

Books must be clean and in very good condition (no missing or torn pages, no loose bindings or excessive writing, no water damage, no smoke/musty/animal/other smells). Hardbacks must have dust jackets (if issued). A good rule of thumb concerning book condition: If we have to spend time cleaning the books brought in (excessive dust, dirt, spiderwebs, bugs, sticky stuff) then we will not buy them.

We will look through your books, choose the titles we wish to purchase, and make you an offer. We offer cash (or check if over $25, ID required) or trade credit for books. Trade credit offered will be 1.5 times the cash offer. We will keep a record of your credit on file for use against future purchases. 

Buyers are available Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For other times or if you have large quantities of books to sell, we recommend calling ahead. We do not buy used books on Sundays or after 4:00 p.m. other days.

We cannot make offers or guarantee that we can purchase your books over the phone. We must see the books first. 


We are currently interested in the following categories:

Southern History
Southern Literature
Classic and Literary Fiction (no bestselling or romance)
Classic and Literary Mysteries (no bestselling)
Classic and Literary Science Fiction
Classic and Literary Horror
Music (histories and bios)
African American History & Literature
Eastern Religion
New Age/Metaphysical
World History
American History


We are currently NOT buying:
Religion (Christianity)
Children's/Young Adult


Coffee Table books (other than art)             

We buy very few "antique" books. We deal in more recently published, mid-20th century to currently published titles.