Reading and Book Signing with Arthur Flowers

Reading and Book Signing with Arthur Flowers

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Reading at 6:00

Join us for a reading and book signing with

Arthur Flowers, author of

Brer Rabbit Retold (Tara Books, $29.95 hardcover with music cd)


The Brer Rabbit stories were originally oral tales told by slaves from the American South. In this powerful rendering for children and adults, writer and griot Arthur Flowers re-tells them as wisdom tales for a contemporary audience, bringing them back to us as one of the sturdy roots of African-American literature. This version also straddles storytelling forms-connecting the spoken and written word in surprising ways. The text is heir to the original oral stories, exquisitely illustrated by Jagdish Chitara, a ritual textile painter from Gujarat. Arthur Flowers then takes his stories back into the realm of the oral, with a musical spoken word performance in collaboration with a group of young Indian musicians. Printed and bound by hand, this limited edition artists' book includes a music album and short film. This genre defying cross-media project pushes the boundaries of narrative art to a new level of accomplishment.

Arthur Flowers teaches MFA Fiction at the English Department of Syracuse University, US. A native of Memphis and co-founder of The New Renaissance Guild, he considers himself heir to the western written tradition as well as the African oral one. Author of novels and nonfictions, including Another Good Loving Blues and Mojo Rising: Confessions of a 21st Century Conjureman, this is his second book with Tara after I See The Promised Land.